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Category: Writing

10 Personal Essay Topics to Get You Inspired

At some point in your academic career, you’ll be asked to write a personal essay, which can be among the simplest writing assignments to tackle. Traits and Peculiarities The personal essay is usually not a formal piece, so you have a lot of leeway (usually, depending on the assignment’s parameters) when it comes to topics. … read more

5 Tips to Stay More Energetic During Long Study Sessions

It happens to all of us at times. Under an onslaught of deadlines and exams, you set aside a full day or an evening just to study, only to find yourself distracted by every little thing. Almost against your will, you find yourself constantly losing focus or getting up to grab a sugary snack or … read more

5 Steps to Writing a Good Essay Fast

If you’re like all students, you get frazzled when you’re under time constraints. The pressure of the clock ticking can cause you to rush through a task and not do your best job. It doesn’t have to be that way when you are writing an essay, though. With careful planning, you can write a great … read more

College Student

How College Writing Helps You in Real Life

If you’re not quite a fan of writing, you probably want to forget about all the essays, research papers and lab reports like about a nightmare. This desire is quite understandable. However, when you’re assigned with the next paper, take a moment before rolling your eyes and sighing with despair. Academic writing may benefit you … read more

College Writing

5 Habits that Make Your College Writing Suffer

College writing is not easy. That’s pretty clear. You’ve got to take a lot of aspects into consideration. The perfect paper has to be profound, properly formatted and interesting. And you’re confident that the next one definitely has all these features, but your professor gives you not exactly the grade you hoped for. You may … read more